Another ‘A’ Again, for Math

BESIDES Hui Hui, there is only one other math genius in the Class of 6B. He is Ethan Loo. Since Primary One, he has always topped not only the class in math, but the entire level. His average score is not the border line 91 to get an A+, but a 95.7.

This being his PSLE year, things aren’t going as smoothly. The sums are getting harder, and Hui Hui seems to be getting smarter. It didn’t help that he had done all the prelim math papers from each and every primary school in school. So when Wednesday, September 14th, came along, the day of his math prelim exams, he was all jitters.  Continue reading

Down With That Bully

I am not someone who is likely going to win a medal for courage, but when it comes to bullies in school, you can count on me to stand up for the weak, the meek, and the victimized. Which was exactly what I did last year in March when Jack shoved Tim against the canteen wall, grabbing him by the collar.

“Come on, give me your wallet, you little rich kid!” he snarled, almost spitting into his face.  Continue reading