The Joys of the Outdoors

NOTHING is as liberating as engaging in outdoor activities, taking in the sun and all of God’s fresh air. Sometimes, there’s rain, but that’s not all bad. There’s always a cool vitality and calm serenity that envelops you when the rains clear. That’s where the outdoors teach us to appreciate Mother Earth, reminding us all to be kind to her. How are we, for instance, reducing our carbon footprint? Continue reading

The Man I Want To Be


THERE are many qualities I admire in my father. Discipline, intelligence, perseverance, and a good sense of humor. He is also a man who never goes down the path of self-pity. If he meets with failure, he just moves on. No need to whine and wallow, life’s like that. Continue reading

Friends in the Time of Study

WITHOUT friends, we are nothing. Our world would be one lonely, quiet universe. When the exams are near, the mood of worry and anxiety weighs heavy upon us. But that hard-to-shake-off oppression doesn’t feel twice as bad because you’re not alone. So many others are sitting for the exam as well; and for me, that big exam is the ‘O’ levels, exactly 19 days away. Continue reading

Planting Rice, From Seed to Grain

When a farmer wants to grow rice, he needs to soak them first, planting them by hand in paddies usually located in low-lying areas by the river. Next, he ripens them in the sun. Come harvest time, he drains the fields and cuts the rice using sickles or combine harvesters. Then, he dries them as soon as possible either by laying them in the sun or using continuous flow dryers. Milling for brown rice involves removing the husk. For white rice, the bran gets removed before polishing takes place. Continue reading

The Way We Dress

IF we could categorize people by the way they dress, we would have, on one end of the spectrum, extreme, and on the other, conservative.

On the extreme end, we have Lady Gaga, whose style of dress is outrageous. Take her meat dress, for instance, at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. It’s the first of its kind: tufts of thinly sliced meat draped around her, including a smaller piece mimicking a beret over her grey tresses, and her meat-wrapped platform shoes. Then there’s the purple-hair dress, and the headdresses—a face cage, a white fluffy cloud, and a heavy-set square hairy block.

American pop singer Lady Gaga attending the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, USA, 12/09/2010. *** USA ONLY *** / Retna Ltd.

Lady Gaga in her meat dress …

lady gaga 4

… and all resplendent in purple hair

Continue reading