When My Music Goes Bang, Bang, Bang

A world without music would be like a world without restaurants, bakeries, cake shops, and might I even add, toothpaste. In fact, a world without music would be a world sliced of a big chunk of money, the billions of dollars generated by the music industry from musicians to producers, songwriters to singers, and a whole slew of folks that make the world of music tick.

Let’s just consider a small sliver of this big-money universe. Korean cultural exports, of which K-pop is a big part of, is worth more than $4 billion according to 2011 statistics by Korea’s Culture and Information Service. No music in this world? Yes, it would be boring for sure, but take away all that money? Now, that wouldn’t be funny.

And what wouldn’t be funny, for me at least, and I imagine many other K-pop fans, is the idea of Big Bang, Super Junior, 2PM, and of course, Psy, losing their jobs and doing something else altogether. That would be like killing a major part of my jujitsu practice.

The Hot Bods of Big Bang

The Hot Bods of Big Bang

All the energy, the invisible force, that goes into every single practice doesn’t come from warming up, but a good hit of K-pop ten minutes before class. My all-time favorites: Bang, Bang, Bang, the hit song by Big Bang and 2PM’s My House. The thump of the backbeat, the joie de vivre of these hot, handsome crooners, are enough to get the fight mood on an up and up. Even the forward rolls feel smoother and swifter. And best of all, possibility is always on my side, and “I can’t” hardly ever lurks in the mind.


K-pop not only helps to release endorphins and dopamine, but it keeps the spirit up. You know that fire, the sort that burns madly? The sort we call teenage crush? All I have to do each morning is to capture Tae Yang in my mind, that baby-face darling from Big Bang, and all of a sudden, the dreary bus journey to school is filled with the twinkle and dazzle of romance. I’m sure I’m not alone. There must be a million other giddy girls out there, perhaps even giddier than me.

These irresistible young lads, as irresistible as Justin Bieber, are so good, so hot, so popular that covers of their songs have appeared in many other guises: from piano to guitar to soft instrumental. I like them too, particularly the ones by Korean guitarist, Sungha Jung. I could survive on these instrumental renditions if you ever took away my real boys, but you can’t take away anymore.

I wouldn’t allow it. I’m sure the rest of the other giddy girls would all agree.

(452 words)

Jiji Setavoraphan, Secondary Three
January 2016

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This essay was written in response to the ‘O’ Levels 2015 exam, Question #2:
The world would be a very dull place without music. What are your views? 

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